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leading to better results.

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 8:56 am    Post subject: leading to better results. Reply with quote

The Arena Football League (AFL) is in full swing E'Twaun Moore Jersey , attracting fans with fast, hard-hitting action, a lot of scoring, and dazzling plays made in tight quarters. The AFL, which has just entered its twentieth season, features 19 teams in two conferences - the National and American. Each conference is divided into two divisions, with the Eastern and Southern divisions in the National Conference and the Central and Western in the American.

If you've ever watched an AFL game, you certainly recognize it as being similar to the NFL version. Scoring is basically the same, although there are variations, and rules are also similar but, again, with some wrinkles that give the indoor version of American style football an added edge. The sport is a whole lot of professional football with some racket ball, basketball, and shrinkage thrown in. It's the Mini-Me of NFL football.

The Teams

The National Conference contains ten teams with the Dallas Desperados Donatas Motiejunas Jersey , New York Dragons, Philadelphia Soul, and Columbus Destroyers in the Eastern Division and the Orlando Predators, Austin Wranglers, Georgia Force, Tampa Bay Storm, and Kansas City Brigade in the Southern Division. Last season the Dragons and Force were tops in their divisions.

In the Central Division of the American Conference the four teams are the Colorado Crush, Chicago Rush, Nashville Kats, and Grand Rapids Rampage. The Western Division includes the Los Angeles Avengers, San Jose Sabercats, Las Vegas Gladiators, Arizona Rattlers, and Utah Blaze. There are a total of nine teams in the American Conference of which the Crush and Avengers were the best in their respective geographical divisions.

The Field

The dimensions of the AFL field are what help make this a unique brand of football. The indoor surface DeMarcus Cousins Jersey , which is padded, is 50 yards long and 85 feet wide. The goal posts, like the field, are also smaller than those in the NFL - nine feet high with a crossbar height of 15 feet as opposed to those in the NFL, which are 18 ½ feet wide with the crossbar at 10 feet.

There are 48 inch high sideline barriers made of high density rubber, which help to ease the impact of receivers, running backs, and defensive players smacking into the stands as they go out of bounds.

Each end zone, which is eight feet deep, has a rebound net that is 30 feet wide and 32 feet high. The rebound net keeps the ball alive after a missed pass. If a ball is caught off the net, it is live and in play until it touches the playing surface. This feature, which allows play to continue, provides additional action. The nets and the short field help to increase scoring opportunities and are partly responsible for the typically high scores. It's not unusual in an arena game for teams to put up a combined total of over 100 points! In fact the field, along with the rulebook Anthony Davis Jersey , is geared towards creating a plethora of scoring opportunities, giving the AFL game an ongoing give-and-take unpredictability you often don't find in the NFL.

The Rules

The petite field demands fewer players; you'll find 8 rather than the standard NFL 11 on either side of the ball. There are also fewer specialists in the arena game - quarterback, one offensive specialist, a kicker and two defensive specialists. The offensive line must have four players and the defensive line three.

A few ways in which the rules are focused on keeping play continuous and action ongoing include the offensivedefensive rosters, the substitution rule and the play clock. Players, except for the specialists, play both offense and defense, which means there is less change over when the ball is turned over. Additionally, all non-specialists may substitute only once during a quarter. Finally, unlike the very long 45 second clock found in the NFL, the arena league has a more basketball-like 25 second clock, which over the course of a 60 minute game just about doubles the number of plays run.

There are four 15 minute quarters; however, unlike the NFL, the clock does not stop for out of bounds plays or incomplete passes unless the game is in the last minute of play in the half or the referee stops it for a penalty or injury. Once again New Orleans Pelicans Hats , play occurs at a very quick rate, making the game action-packed. Each team gets three timeouts per half.

One thing that's missing from the AFL that you'll find in the NFL is the punt. That means, with the shortened playing field and the no punt rule, every play off the offensive line has the potential to put points on the board. The offense has four downs to move the ball 10 yards for a first down or to score.

Scoring is also a bit different from the other league with a drop kick after a TD being given 2 points and a drop kick field goal being awarded 4 points. All other scoring is the same.

Passing follows NCAA rules, which state that a receiver must have one foot inbounds when catching a pass. The nets are the other variation from the NFL game. The receiving team may also use the nets during a kickoff or a missed field goal to field balls. Thus, as long as the kick doesn't stray off into the sideline area, there is always the chance for a runback, since the ball cannot be kicked beyond the end zone.

Overtime rules also vary a bit from those in the National Football League. NFL football plays one sudden death overtime period during the regular season. AFL overtime runs the same number of minutes, but it is not a sudden death situation. Each team gets one possession in the overtime and if a team is ahead after that, they win. If the game is still tied after both have had one possession, then the next team thaWhat’s a Dom.
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